Each tray serves 4-6 people
Ready for pick up only on Wednesday, November 25th between 3pm and 6pm
Orders must be received by midnight on Monday, November 23rd


Pastitsio - $40

A baked pasta dish with ground meat and béchamel

Moussaka - $35

Layers of eggplant and potato, a ragu of lamb, topped with béchamel.

Spanakopita - $30

A Greek savory pastry, made with spinach and feta filling and layers of buttery filo dough

Pastilla - $40

A north African meat pie, filled with layers of shredded spiced chicken, custardy eggs, toasted sweet and salty almonds.

Fasolakia - $25

3 hour Braised green beans, with onions, garlic, tomato, and plenty of good extra virgin olive oil. A simple yet soul satisfying dish that can be a side or a main dish.


Baklava - $24

A rich, sweet, pastry, made of layers of buttery filo dough filled with chopped nuts, and held together with a honey syrup.

Chocolate Cake - $50

Rich dark cake, tahini buttercream, topped with ganache

Cookie Tray - $15

Chocolate chunk walnut cookies, orange madeleines, honeycomb brittle, meringues, baklava Melomakarina and Nutella for dipping!

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